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Covid 19 Update

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To Our Patients,

We are now seeing patients in office again! However, our mission here at Sultan Facial Plastic Surgery is still to provide the ultimate care and safety to our patients. Since patient and staff safety is our number one priority, we will be taking additional measures and phasing in the following new policies during this pandemic.

These efforts include:

• Spacing out patient visits and offering the option of a virtual post-op.
• Having patients call the office upon arrival, they will be individually escorted into the office by a staff member.
• Disinfecting all surfaces between patients.

Wearing facial protection at all times is the newest policy that has been implemented to limit exposure. To accommodate for patients, who still prefer consultation at the convenience of their home, we will still be offering virtual consultations For more information and to schedule a virtual consultation, please call our office at: 410.296.1980 or email us at

We look forward to seeing your faces!

Babar Sultan, M.D., FACS,